Verlust, Verleugnung, Verschweigen in Zerrbilder

Verlust, Verleugnung, Verschweigen
Reflexionen über die Mechanismen familiärer Erinnerungen – ein Prozess
Alexandra Senfft
in: Gross, Ulrich, Schuck (Hg.) Zerrbilder. Zum Wirken und Fortwirken nationalsozialistischer Mentalität
April 2024

Ch. Links, Aufbau Verlage, Berlin 2024

Streitfall Antisemitismus

Anspruch auf Deutungsmacht und politische Interessen
Ein Sammelband zur Orientierung in der Debatte

Wolfgang Benz (Hrsg.)
Mit Beiträgen von: Shimon Stein/Moshe Zimmermann, Daniel Cil Brecher, Juliane Wetzel, Wolfgang Benz, Daniel Bax, Michael Kohlstruck, Peter Widmann, Micha Brumlik, Thomas Knieper, Dervis Hızarcı, Katajun Amirpur, Alexandra Senfft, Muriel Asseburg, Gert Krell

Metropol Verlag, Juli 2020
ISBN: 978-3-86331-532-0
Hardcover, 328 Seiten, 24,– €
ISBN E-Book/pdf:
978-3-86331-981-6, 19,– €

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We are not Numbers

Young Gazans between despair and resilience

Team of We Are Not Numbers Gaza Strip

by Alexandra Senfft
Adapted version from first publication in: „Der Freitag“, Berlin July 25, 2019

Despite the misery, the spirit of resistance among the people of the Gaza Strip remains unbroken. For 69 weeks, thousands of Palestinians participated in the “March of Return” at the military barriers to Israel, protesting against the siege and confinement that has now lasted for 13 years. They demand their freedom and the right to return to their ancestral homes. Even the sea is militarily closed beyond the first 6 miles, also true for fishermen. But who wants to swim or fish in it when the sewage from the refugee camps has contaminated everything?

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DrumPower Against Violence

Drumming helps young adolescents overcome social differences,
boosts their self-confidence and enhances social peace

DrumPower Against Violence

There is excitement today in one of the classrooms of Munich’s «Sonderpädagogisches Förderzentrum am Westpark» (support centre for special education): visitors have arrived, among them a photographer who will take pictures of the youngsters in the upcoming lesson. This afternoon’s class is dedicated to «DrumPower Against Violence», a musical approach to social integration and the prevention of violence, developed by Dr Andreas Wölfl, a well-known psychologist specialising in the treatment of children and adolescents, and a director of the Institute for Music Therapy at the Freies Musikzentrum in the centre of the Bavarian capital Munich.

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«Living with the Dead: Sharing the Truth and the Pain of the Past»

in: Clio’s Psyche: Understanding the “Why” of Culture, Current Events, History, and Society
Special Issue on Psychology and the Holocaust: Part II
Meeting Report, Volume 21, Number 2, New York, September 2014, Pages 210 ff
Tomi, my grandfather is dead, but you are alive,” I say. Tomi agrees with a sense of relief as we hold on to each other, somewhat lost and yet not alone. We still have a long way to go in order to come to terms with a past that is haunting most of us up to this day. Sharing this experience with Tomi was the right thing to do. My daughter and the film team were with us and wrapped us in cotton wool, supporting us in our shared sorrow. We weren’t alone at all. Dan Bar-On once said to me “Alexandra, you might lose some of your family over working through the past, but you will find others to fill their place.” “It couldn’t be truer,” I think gratefully, as Tomi and I leave the cemetery arm in arm, nestled by a cocoon. In the face of the rising populist, right-winged develop-ments in Europe, I wonder though if all our efforts are too late.»
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