Crime en mer Égée

Le 24 décembre 2021, un bateau a fait naufrage au large de l’île de Paros, en Grèce. Sur les 79 réfugiés qui avaient embarqué pour rejoindre l’Italie, 16 ont perdu la vie le jour du réveillon. La journaliste allemande Alexandra Senfft, habitante de l’île, était là. Elle raconte.
Mediaparte, 3 January 2022
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An Imaginary Racism: Islamophobia and Guilt

Deeply ignorant – Pascal Bruckner’s hateful verbal crusade
In his controversial book published in 2020, French author Pascal Bruckner describes anti-Muslim sentiment as a fiction, claiming that the term “Islamophobia” is being used to silence criticism of the religion. Alexandra Senfft responds by highlighting the contradictions in a popular view of Islam and Muslims that leaves little room for nuance, 17 February 2021
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The German model for America

The long and public reckoning that followed the Holocaust shows a path forward for a United States that desperately needs to confront its racist past.

“In her [Senfft’s] estimation, even now, the Nazis have been “othered,” as if the evil hadn’t taken root in Germans’ own families and neighborhoods. Those who did confront the crimes of their ancestors could not have been prepared for what that realization would feel like…
In American textbooks and schools and families, the same phenomenon that Senfft described of Nazism is true.”
By Mattie Khan,
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